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Автомобильные смазки

Aim-One lubricants are designed to protect various parts and mechanisms from friction, moisture and corrosion, premature aging and failure. In addition, penetrating compounds are widely used to loosen stuck and old links. The presented products are applicable in the car and at home.

Scope of application

The manufacturer offers a list of special and universal products. Automotive lubricants are available for processing battery terminals, drive belts, chains and cables. Along with this, lithium, silicone, penetrating sprays are on sale, applicable to any part of the car, as well as in the household and at home.

Penetrating agents are very popular, as they allow you to instantly destroy rust and old contaminants, freeing mechanisms and weakening links. Such products are indispensable for unlocking locks (car, home, padlocks).

Product Benefits

All lubricants presented are offered in the form of sprays. They are sold in convenient, well-filled bottles, and are supplied with tubes for hard-to-reach places. Recognized benefits of Aim-One products include high-quality spray, cost effectiveness and high-performance formulation