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Aim-One automotive polishes provide a clean and tidy appearance to individual parts and surfaces of a vehicle. In addition, the auto chemicals protect materials from premature aging and wear. The manufacturer offers a range of effective products, including those with various aromatic additives.

Main benefits

Aim-One brand polishes are distinguished by their high-quality composition and are offered in convenient packaging. They are easy to use, and are designed for car enthusiasts and professionals

Main competitive advantages

  • Wide range of fragrances;
  • High cleaning performance;
  • Good protective properties;
  • High-quality fragrances and highly effective composition.

Unlike many analogues on the market, the presented cylinders with polishes have a higher percentage of the original substance and are filled under high pressure. This provides a good spray, as well as economical use of the product and long-term use of one cylinder

Product range

In the Aim-One line there are universal polishes of various sizes, designed to care for the car dashboard, with various flavors (lemon, vanilla, chewing gum, strawberry, apple and others). The range also includes sprays for the care of plastic, leather coatings and car tyre blackener