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White Lithium Grease

White Lithium Grease

Item code: WG-450
Volume: 450 ml
Packaging: 12 pcs.
Category: Body
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Mode of application


White Lithium Grease lubricant is intended for processing machine parts, bearings, joints, various types of gears, threaded connections. The product reduces friction, repels moisture, prevents dampness, protects against corrosion, and prevents freezing of elements. The tool is applicable in the car and in everyday life.


  • creates a dense protective layer;
  • does not leave a sticky film on the surface;
  • wide temperature range;
  • easy to use;
  • acts quickly;
  • economical consumption


Lithium-based white grease penetrates quickly and deeply without leaving a sticky film behind. The product does not contain silicone and solvents, while having a high viscosity. The elastic agent protects the surface well, completely enveloping the treated material, including irregularities. The dense protective layer is resistant to friction, pressure, vibration. The lubricant is applicable in summer and winter and can withstand temperatures from -35 to +180 C. The product is easily applied by simply spraying from a can. The effect is achieved after 10 minutes, additional surface treatment is not required. This Aim-One product comes in a convenient can with a quality sprayer

  1. Shake the bottle before use;
  2. Clean the surface to be treated from dirt, sand, dust or old grease;
  3. Spray a thin layer of lubricant;
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes;
  5. Does not require additional processing.