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Spray paint

Aim-One paints are available as aerosols in convenient 450ml cans. They are easily applied to the treated surface, creating a strong, durable layer that is resistant to weathering and abrasion. The products are designed for painting car bodies, but can be used for any other purposes (at home, during repairs, etc.).

Benefits of Aim-One Spray Paint:

  • Universal application - for the car, outdoors and at home;
  • For interior and exterior use;
  • High adhesion to metal and wooden surfaces;
  • Once dry it is non-toxic.

Product range

We supply paints in bulk, we offer a range of high quality sprays of different colors. The following colors are available: white glossy and matte, black glossy and matte, rich and medium gray, silver and bronze, sky blue and brilliant blue, green and dark green, blue and bright purple, brown, yellow and lemon yellow, red and orange-red. The color palette of our acrylic spray paints is gradually expanding and supplemented. There are also polishes for sale: glossy and matte

All Aim-One brand spray paint complies with the manufacturer's uniform standards. It is of high quality and has excellent adhesion. The aerosol is accurately applied to the area to be treated, thereby achieving the quality of coloring and economical use.

Aim-One spray paints are suitable for finishing surfaces and parts made of metal, ABS plastic, glass, wood, and ceramics.