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Aim-One Automotive Sealants are designed to repair and form gaskets of various shapes and sizes. The manufacturer offers a range of specialised sealing compounds that differ in colour and physical characteristics

Benefits of gasket sealants

Aim-One gasket formers are designed specifically for automotive engines. They are made of high-quality silicone, do not react with oil and other aggressive substances, and withstand elevated temperatures. Aim-One High Temperature Gasket Sealants are suitable for replacing gaskets in the crankcase cover of transmissions, thermostat housings, intake manifolds, oil pans, water pumps

Key benefits:

  • made of silicone;
  • neutral;
  • practically odourless.

Products are available in convenient tubes and are colour-coded according to their characteristics and purpose. Blue (blue), Clear (transparent) and Black (black) are designed for operation at temperatures up to 260 °C, they are softer. While Red (red) is designed for higher temperatures - up to 343 ° C.