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+971 50 491 5318
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About the brand Aim-One


Aim-One products are manufactured at the production unit, which is part of the largest Japanese chemical corporation. High quality standards allow these auto chemicals and auto cosmetics to compete with leading Japanese, European and American brands.

Aim-One is produced using a unique technology, taking into account the specifics of the market and the climatic conditions. The bottles are filled with a large volume at pressure - such a spray provides accurate targeting and hitting, and, accordingly, lower consumption.

Geography of deliveries - all countries

Purchasing Aim-One products is convenient and profitable. We quickly process and deliver orders using an extensive warehouse system and efficient logistics. We guarantee our customers a high speed of transportation without delays. Delivery costs are minimized, which allows us to maintain optimal prices for the entire line of auto chemical goods and auto cosmetics.

Flexible pricing

We value our clients and partners, we offer each customer individual terms of cooperation. You can count on discounts in accordance with the increase in the volume of purchases. Regular customers receive additional bonuses. Detailed information about pricing and discounts can be obtained from our managers