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Spray primer

Aim-One brand spray primer is easy to apply by spraying from a can, has high adhesion, and creates a durable layer on the surface for topcoat. The products are applicable when painting car body elements. In addition, the spray is used for priming plastic, metal and wooden surfaces of various objects in domestic (household) and outdoor conditions.

Benefits of Aim-One primers:

  • universal - for cars, outdoors and at home;
  • convenient application;
  • high-quality filling;
  • economical;
  • durable coating.

Automotive primer dries quickly, and after drying does not emit toxic substances. Each Aim-One can is filled with a large amount of high pressure material for excellent atomization and economical use of the product. An additional advantage of the product is fast drying

Primer range

The company produces several types of products that differ in colour: white, black, grey, red-brown. The line also includes a primer for anti-gravel treatment of the underbody (protection against scratches and corrosion). All primers create a reliable durable coating. They can be used as a base for any type of paint.