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Air freshener

Car air fresheners perform an important function: they freshen the air in the car interior, filling it with a pleasant aroma. We offer Organi.ca quality aromatic products that can be used in the car and at home. The products presented in the catalogue are supplied in convenient packaging, they are of high quality and durability

Benefits of Organi.ca Air fresheners

The manufacturer produces universal air fresheners with bright, juicy aromas. The preparations fill the interior of the car with freshness, various smells, for example, chewing gum or attractive notes of perfume.

Organi.ca products are distinguished by their high quality, environmentally friendly ingredients. Saturated aroma remains for a long time, during the entire service life of the product. The handy jar is easy to attach to a car dashboard or indoors. The dosing cap allows you to fine-tune the required level of scent.

The cost is calculated individually, based on the volume of the lot. You can choose a transport company that will deliver products to your location.