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Aim-One automotive additives have a wide range of applications: they clean the components and parts of the car, eliminate leaks of technical fluids, improve fuel quality and engine power.

Main areas of application:

  • engine;
  • fuel system;
  • radiator;
  • injectors.

Additive range

The range of the brand includes several effective cleaning additives. They are used for fast and high-quality washing of the engine, fuel system, radiator, injectors. All products are fast-acting, successfully remove contaminants and restore normal operating conditions for automotive systems.

Stop leaks ensure the sealing of vehicle components, prevent the flow of oil and coolant. The products contain special viscous components that create a durable protective layer. By using them, you can avoid expensive repairs.

Aim-One fuel additives increase the octane rating of gasoline and the cetane rating of diesel fuel. This increases engine power, reduces fuel consumption and reduces the amount of impurities in the exhaust gases. Additives solve the problem of refueling with poor-quality fuel.