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Spray De Rust Lubrication

Spray De Rust Lubrication

Item code: AD-350
Volume: 450 ml
Packaging: 12 pcs.
Category: Body
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Mode of application


Spray De Rust Lubrication reliably protects metal surfaces from corrosion and rust formation. The product creates a film that effectively repels moisture. In addition, anti-rust grease can be used to clean iron from rust, bitumen, soot and grease.


  • creates a high-strength durable film that protects against corrosion;
  • penetrates the smallest cracks;
  • can be used as a cleaning agent;
  • applied with a simple spray.


Aim-One grease can be used in the car and at home, including for processing door hinges and locks. The product is indispensable for the preservation and long-term storage of metal products, especially in conditions of high humidity. When applied, the agent completely envelops the surface, penetrating into hidden cavities and small cracks

The spray is easy to apply - by spraying from a can. For hard-to-reach places, an extension tube, which is supplied in the kit, can be used. A high-quality atomizer provides an economical use of the aerosol.

  1. Shake the bottle before use;
  2. Clean the surface from dirt and dust;
  3. Apply the product on the surface and wait 2-3 minutes;
  4. To lubricate locks, door hinges and other hard-to-reach places, use the nozzle tube.