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Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel System Cleaner

Item code: FS-320
Volume: 325 ml
Packaging: 24 pcs.
Category: Fuel systems
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Mode of application

Fuel System Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner for the fuel system. The product not only cleans the fuel system, but also restores the dynamic qualities of the car. In addition, the additive acts as a lubricant and protects against corrosion. The effectiveness of the product has been proven: the use of the cleaner makes it easier to start the engine, increases power, reduces fuel consumption, and improves the composition of exhaust gasses.


  • effectively cleans the fuel system;
  • works in a complex way: cleans, lubricates, protects;
  • convenient release form;
  • cost-effective;


The cleaner actively removes accumulated deposits from the engine fuel system and protects it from rust. The additive has a lubricating effect, which favorably affects the condition and operation of the motor. As a result of the use of Fuel System Cleaner, engine power is increased, while fuel consumption and emissions are reduced. The product is available in a convenient 325 ml bottle. One bottle is designed for 60-90 liters of gasoline. It is recommended to add an additive to the fuel 1 time for every 10 thousand kilometers. The product is poured into the gas tank of the car before refueling.

The additive is poured into the tank before filling based on:

  • One bottle of Fuel System Cleaner (325 ml) for 60-90 liters of gasoline.

For best results, fuel system cleaner should be used every 10,000 km.