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Diesel Fuel Treatment

Diesel Fuel Treatment

Item code: DF-320
Volume: 325 ml
Packaging: 24 pcs.
Category: Fuel systems
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Mode of application

The Diesel Fuel Treatment additive improves the quality of diesel fuel, and also cleans fuel equipment and atomizers, and protects against carbon deposits. The use of the product helps to prevent blockages and deposits, reduces detonation, and restores normal engine performance.


  • effectively cleans the diesel system;
  • improves fuel quality;
  • restores the performance of the motor;
  • easy-to-use product.


The diesel fuel additive contains active detergent and dispersant components that quickly attack and break down contaminants. This Aim-One has been proven to increase the cetane number of a fuel from 4.5 to 8. This has a positive effect on the performance of the diesel engine. After the addition of Diesel Fuel Treatment, it does not detonate and functions at full capacity even when refueling with poor quality fuel. Additional effects of the product application: reduction of fuel consumption and improvement of the composition of exhaust gasses - due to the action of the cleaner, the proportion of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust is reduced. The additive is easy to use: it is poured into the tank of the car before refueling. The product comes in a convenient small bottle, designed for exactly 100 liters of fuel

The complex diesel fuel additive is poured into the tank before refueling at the rate of one bottle of Diesel Fuel Treatment (325 ml) per 100 liters of fuel.