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Ice Remover

Item code: IS-450
Volume: 330 ml
Packaging: 12 pcs.
Category: Body
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Mode of application

The Ice Remover defroster effectively dissolves ice, frost on car windows, and also cleans them without leaving streaks. The product is applicable in severe frost, provides quick cleaning with minimal effort on the part of the driver. The can is equipped with a handy scraper cap which can be used to remove snow and ice from smooth surfaces.


  • acts quickly;
  • effective at low temperatures;
  • cleans without streaks;
  • convenient packaging;
  • economical


The Aim-One defroster contains highly active cleaning agents and antifreeze. Such a composition easily destroys snow, frost and dense ice even at very low temperatures. Additionally, there is a cleaning of dirt from the glass. The product allows you to quickly prepare the car for use.

The cleaner is easily applied to the surfaces to be treated (windshield, rear, side windows, mirrors) by spraying from a can. To achieve the effect, a small amount of spray is enough. To speed up the cleaning process, you can use car wipers or a scraper, which comes with the can.

  1. Shake the ice and snow defroster before use;
  2. Apply the product with a spray on an icy surface;
  3. Then remove the melted ice with the wiper blades;
  4. In difficult cases, use a scraper