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Starting Fluid

Item code: SF-450
Volume: 450 ml
Packaging: 12 pcs.
Category: Engine
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Mode of application

Starting Fluid provides easy starting of the engine in adverse conditions, and also acts as a lubricant for the upper parts of the engine cylinders and saves the life of the car battery. Quick start can be used in two-stroke and four-stroke, gasoline and diesel engines


  • works effectively at low temperatures;
  • applicable with wet candles and a weak battery;
  • saves battery power;
  • easy to use;
  • acts instantly.


The main purpose of the starting fluid is to ensure the engine starts in critical conditions (frost, humidity, low battery charge). In addition, the product contains lubricants for the upper part of the cylinders. Using Starting Fluid saves battery life

To use a quick start, no special skills or tools are required; a long tube is supplied with the cylinder. The product is injected into the air receiver, carburetor or intake manifold pipe. To start the engine, it is enough to spray the product for 1-5 seconds (depending on the injection zone), and if necessary, repeat the procedure

  1. Shake the "Quick Start" bottle;;
  2. Spray into the air filter's air collector for 5 seconds;
  3. Start the engine (do not step on the gas pedal!);;
  4. If the engine fails to start, disconnect the air line and spray directly into the carburetor (pre-open the air and throttle valves) for 1-2 seconds. It is also possible to spray into the intake pipe of the intake manifold;;
  5. Try again to start the engine
  6. At unstable speeds, short injections (1-2 seconds each) should be sprayed with "Quick Start" into the air intake zone
  7. Use the gas pedal as carefully as possible to avoid detonation