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Brake Cleaner New

Brake Cleaner New

Item code: BCN-650
Volume: 650 мл
Packaging: 12 шт.
Category: Tires and wheels
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Mode of application


“Brake Cleaner New” brake disc cleaner is designed for quick cleaning of brake discs, brakes, brake system components and other metal surfaces. Used as a universal cleaner for metal surfaces. The tool quickly and easily removes oil, technical fluids, asbestos, metal and brake dust. Increases braking efficiency, reduces heating of brake mechanisms and reduces wear of parts of the brake system. Professional formula - without acetone, which evaporates faster, has a weaker odor and is less harmful to humans when used


  • professional formula;
  • metal surface degreaser;
  • universal - suitable for all modern types of brake mechanisms;
  • cleans effectively;
  • without a sharp (pungent) smell;
  • evaporates quickly.


Brake Cleaner New has a weak odor and is best suited for professional use. The cylinder is filled under high pressure, the shape of the nuzzle is needle-like, thus point pressure is created on the area of the workpiece, which makes it possible to wash off dirt well. The agent acts immediately after application: the dirt is quickly and easily washed off, and the cleaner evaporates quickly enough, the part remains dry and grease-free. The bottle sprayer has a nozzle - a small tube for greater application accuracy. Due to the completeness of filling the cylinder and the accuracy of application, an economical consumption of the brake cleaner is achieved. The product is designed for amateur and professional use

For outdoor use!

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly;
  2. Hold the balloon vertically at a distance of 10 - 15 cm from the workpiece;
  3. Spray generously on parts to be cleaned;
  4. Let the washable dirt drain;
  5. Dry.

The bottle sprayer has a nozzle - a small tube for greater application accuracy. Avoid getting cleaner on plastic and rubber parts