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Electric Switch & Contact Cleaner. 450 ml

Electric Switch & Contact Cleaner

Item code: ES-270
Volume: 450 ml
Packaging: 12 pcs.
Category: Engine
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Mode of application


The specialized electronic contact cleaner is available in a convenient compact form - in a 450 ml can. The product is suitable for everyday use, including single use. The tool effectively cleans electrical contacts in the wiring of the car and electrical circuits of any technical equipment, it can be used in everyday life


  • cleans electrical parts well;
  • does not destroy metal, plastic, rubber, paint;
  • easy of use;
  • convenient discharge form


Electric Cleaner contains active substances that quickly penetrate deep into sediments and destroy them. The product acts almost instantly: just apply it to the treated area, and then wipe it with a napkin. The product is used for cleaning contacts and blocks of the automotive electrical system, for repairing video and audio equipment, and for domestic purposes. Economical, easy to store and use. The contents are sufficient for localized cleaning of electrical contacts in the required places. In the process of application, the product is sprayed with a simple press of a button

  1. Shake the bottle before use;
  2. Apply the composition at a distance of 15-25 cm;
  3. Wipe with a dry cloth.