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Anti mist

Item code: AM-200
Volume: 200 ml
Packaging: 24 pcs.
Category: Vehicle interior
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Mode of application


Anti Mist protects glass and mirrors from fogging for a long time. It is recommended to use the product in the car interior: on the surfaces of the windshield, rear, side windows, as well as rear-view mirrors. In addition, the anti-fogging agent is applicable in everyday life, in rooms with unstable or high humidity


  • effectively protects against condensation;
  • works for a long time;
  • easy to apply;
  • economical in usage.


Aim-One Anti Mist is easy to apply to surfaces with the push of a spray button. The bottle is equipped with a high-quality dispenser, which ensures accurate application, economical usage, no smudgesбand streaks. The special formula of the aerosol provides reliable protection of glass, mirror surfaces from fogging. The effect lasts for a long time, including the prevention of condensate formation when the temperature of the environment changes. The product is applicable in professional and amateur fields. Regular use of Anti Mist increases the safety and comfort of vehicle operation

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
  2. Apply to a clean and dry glass surface at a distance of 20-30 cm in one thin layer.
  3. Wipe the surface thoroughly with a dry and clean cloth.