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Marketing support

Marketing aim-one

For the convenience of selling Aim-One products, we provide customers and partners with comprehensive marketing support. When purchasing high-quality auto chemicals and auto cosmetics, you can count on comprehensive information and advertising assistance.

We offer merchants:

  • professional advice and training for employees;
  • assortment selection, procurement planning;
  • provision of promotional materials;
  • provision of design layouts for the production of promotional products according to individual sizes;
  • efficient online ordering.

For dealers, chains and retail outlets

Cooperating with us, you will receive marketing support at all stages: from assistance in planning purchases to working with buyers. We will help you to choose the right assortment, taking into account the peculiarities of your business, seasonality and other factors. We will provide detailed information about all Aim-One products with a description of the specifics, benefits, methods of application. If necessary, we will conduct technical training for your salespeople, which will improve the efficiency of customer service.

Для дилеров, сетей и торговых точек

Deliveries of Aim-One auto chemicals and auto cosmetics are accompanied by a wide range of advertising and promotional materials. We will offer you products for the design of retail space, facades, showcases and other structures. You can also use various information materials that allow you to visually and in more detail acquaint the consumer with the description and methods of using our products. All this will increase brand awareness and sales in your store.

For online stores

Для интернет магазиновA significant proportion of Aim-One brand products is distributed online - on the Internet. We keep up with the times and are constantly in the process of creating various information products to help you make yourself known in the Internet space.

We provide advertising support for online stores: when you work with us, you will receive links and recommendations from various sites. Active advertising guarantees an influx of new visitors and customers.

On our website and accounts on Instagram, YouTube you can find information and video materials with descriptions and instructions for using our products.

In the process of online customer service, order processing efficiency is important. You can be sure of the professional work of our managers and the uninterrupted delivery of goods to customers.

A personal manager is assigned to each partner of the company for prompt resolution of issues and technical information.

Marketing support is provided individually for each partner.

Product catalogs and promotional materials are presented in this section of the site.

For all your questions, please contact your manager!