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Winter autochemicals

Aim-One auto chemicals are on sale, designed to service a car in the winter, including at low sub-zero temperatures. These effective specialized products are indispensable in the cold season, they are widely demanded motorists and professionals

Product Benefits

The winter auto chemicals perfectly fulfill their tasks: the products actively penetrate through snow and ice, destroy them and release car parts, ensuring comfortable and safe operation. The Quick Start tool activates the engine even in the most unfavorable conditions (hard frost, high humidity, weak battery charge).

The main advantages of Aim-One auto chemical goods:

  • acts quickly and effectively;
  • available in convenient packaging;
  • easy to use;
  • cost-effective .

All brand products are filled with a large amount of high-pressure material and can be used for a long time. The quick start comes with an extension tube for easy application. The snow and ice remover is available in a can with a scraper cap, which allows you to speed up the process of cleaning surfaces