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Silicone Spray. 100 ml

Silicone Spray

Item code: SS-100
Volume: 100 мл
Packaging: 48 шт.
Category: Vehicle interior
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Mode of application


Silicone Spray is designed to protect rubber seals in the car. Silicone grease protects them from freezing, cracking and premature wear. It forms a resistant polymer film that eliminates moisture and protects against corrosion. The product eliminates creaks and has an antistatic effect. The product is suitable for professional care and amateur motorists, applicable in everyday life.


  • effectively protects against freezing and wear;
  • easy to apply;
  • has a long-term effect;
  • economical .


Silicone grease is a reliable way to protect automotive seals from freezing, friction and premature aging. The tool provides comfortable operation of doors, trunk, hood and car locks.

The spray is applied by simple spraying on the areas to be treated. The cylinder comes with an extension tube, which is recommended for hard-to-reach places (for example, locking mechanisms). The Aim-One bottle is equipped with a high-quality nebulizer that provides precise direction of the jet and ensures economical use of the product

  1. Shake bottle before use
  2. Recommended distance for spraying - 20 cm;
  3. Before applying, clean the surface from dirt, dust and greasy deposits;
  4. After applying the product, let it soak in;
  5. If silicone gets on fabrics, velor, glass, leatherette or leather, you must immediately wipe it off with a dry, clean rag.