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Copper Grease

Copper Grease

Item code: CG-450
Volume: 450 ml
Packaging: 12 pcs.
Category: Body
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Mode of application

Copper Grease lubricant is designed to treat threaded connections, bushings, screws, hinges, flanges and other moving metal parts, including non-working surfaces of brake pads, linkages, etc. It is used in the maintenance of cars and other types of transport, as well as in everyday life and at work.


  • has high adhesion to metal surfaces;
  • thick: does not flow even from a vertical surface;
  • excellent hydrophobic properties: not washed off with water;
  • resistant to elevated temperatures and loads (does not melt or spread);
  • has a low evaporation coefficient;
  • used at temperatures from -25°С to +150°С
  • retains its properties for a long time.


The composition of copper grease includes fine particles of copper, which allows it to be used for processing parts that are subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and loads. The use of Copper Grease greatly simplifies the assembly and disassembly of such mechanisms. The product is sprayed with a uniform thin layer of characteristic copper color, which allows you to control the area of application. It doesn't run off vertical surfaces. It is not washed off with water, can be used as an anti-corrosion coating and prevents oxidation.

  1. Clean the treated surface from dirt, sand, dust and old lubricants.
  2. Shake the can well before use.
  3. Spray a thin layer of lubricant from a distance of 10-15 cm.
  4. If necessary, repeat application
  5. Avoid contact with moving parts, such as bearings.
  6. Do not use it at an ambient temperature below +10C.