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AT-40. 100 ml


Item code: AD-100
Volume: 100 ml
Packaging: 48 pcs.
Category: Body
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Mode of application


AT-40 grease is designed to loosen rusted, stuck, heavily tightened metal parts. It can also be used as an anti-corrosion and friction agent. The product is applicable for car maintenance, household, household, industrial use (as a grease for threading)


  • quickly destroys rust and deposits;
  • creates a strong protective film on the surface;
  • repels moisture and reduces friction;
  • easy to use (there is a tube for hard-to-reach places);
  • cost-effective.


The main purpose of AT-40 grease is to work like a "liquid key". It effectively loosens joints, including bolts, nuts, screws, locks, other metal parts and mechanisms. Once applied, the product forms a durable layer that repels water and protects the metal from corrosion, as well as reducing the friction of the parts. This Aim-One product can be used by motorists, as well as in everyday life or for industrial purposes. Lubrication is applicable for processing door hinges, chains and other elements. The product is offered in a convenient large bottle with a capacity of 450 ml, easy to apply, and cost effective. Action time - 2-5 minutes.

  1. Shake the can before use;
  2. To separate the nuts and bolts, apply a sufficient amount of product to the fasteners;
  3. Wait 2-5 minutes;
  4. Unscrew the bolt and nut;
  5. Repeat if necessary.

In case of severe corrosion, first remove dirt and loose rust with a metal brush

  • To lubricate nuts and bolts, apply a thin layer on the surface to be treated.
  • To lubricate locks, hinges, doors and other hard-to-reach places, use a nozzle tube.