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Oil Treatment

Oil Treatment

Item code: OT-390
Volume: 443 ml
Packaging: 12 pcs.
Category: Engine
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Mode of application

Oil Treatment is the latest additive that improves the quality of engine oil. It reduces friction of metal parts, reduces their wear and increases engine life. In addition, the product reduces the level of smoke in the exhaust. The additive is suitable for gasoline engines and diesel engines, easy to use, designed for professional and amateur use.


  • the newest formula, works great;
  • universal tool - for different types of engines;
  • convenient to use


Oil Treatment contains unique components that increase the lubricity of engine oil. Due to this, the friction of parts is reduced and the lifespan of the automobile engine is extended. Thanks to the product, the oil retains its basic properties for a longer time. In addition, Oil Treatment is a stop smoke additive that reduces exhaust smoke. The product is simply used: the composition is added through the oil filler at idle to warm oil, after which it is enough to warm up the engine for 15-30 minutes. One can of 443 ml is designed for a 4-6 cylinder engine.


  1. Warm up the engine to operating temperature
  2. The additive is added to warm oil with the engine running at idle
  3. After adding the additive, the engine must be warmed up for another 15-30 minutes


Additive consumption rate:

  • for engines with 4 and 6 cylinders – 1 can;
  • for engines with 8 cylinders - 2 cans.