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Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

Item code: RF-350
Volume: 325 ml
Packaging: 24 pcs.
Category: Engine
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Mode of application

Radiator Flush is designed to clean various types of liquid cooling systems. The additive removes the remnants of the old coolant, and also effectively removes contaminants (scale, rust, antifreeze particles, etc.). Thanks to the use of the product, the service life of the radiator and thermostat is increased.


  • cleans effectively;
  • increases the service life of equipment;
  • convenient size.


Radiator flush fluid is great for cleaning equipment. Radiator Flush components act quickly and actively, they remove old fluid from the cooling system along with deposits. This positively affects the operation and condition of the radiator, as well as the thermostat. The product is available in convenient bottles, the volume of which is designed to clean the radiator of a compact modern car. One 325 ml bottle is used for up to 10 liters. If the radiator volume is larger, two bottles of Radiator Flush are used. The product is suitable for professional and amateur use. In order to clean the system with the tool, no special skills are required

  1. Pour the flush inside the radiator;
  2. Start the engine;
  3. Wait until it warms up to operating temperature;
  4. leave it idle for another 10-30 minutes;
  5. Stop the engine and let it cool down;
  6. Having slightly opened the drain valve and at the same time adding distillate to the radiator through the filler hole, restart the engine;
  7. Flush the cooling system for 1-5 minutes until the flowing water becomes clear;
  8. After turning off the engine, drain the liquid from the radiator and fill the cooling system with new liquid;

Recommended dosage:

  • for compact cars (radiator capacity less than 10 liters) - 1 bottle of additive
  • for large cars (radiator capacity more than 10 liters) - 2 bottles.