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Gasoline Treatment

Gasoline Treatment

Item code: GT-160
Volume: 158 ml
Packaging: 24 pcs.
Category: Fuel systems
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Mode of application


Gasoline Treatment enhances gasoline quality by removing water, impurities and deposits from the fuel system. Thanks to the use of this additive, the operation of the automobile engine is normalized, its power and throttle response are increased. By cleaning the system, the amount of harmful emissions is reduced, and fuel consumption is also reduced.


  • effectively cleanses the fuel system;
  • improves equipment performance;
  • reduces fuel consumption;
  • increases engine power;
  • convenient size;


Gasoline fuel additive removes carbon deposits, removes water and impurities. It contributes to the proper functioning of vehicle systems and reduces fuel costs. The Gasoline Treatment complex supplement is available in convenient 160 ml miniature bottles. One bottle is designed for 40-80 liters of gasoline. Using the product is very simple: before refueling, you just need to add it to the gas tank. It is recommended to top up the product every 1.2 thousand kilometers (or each time before refueling). This Aim-One product is suitable for professional use and can be used by car enthusiasts. .

The complex additive for gasoline is poured into the tank before refueling based on:

  • One bottle of Gasoline Treatment (160 ml) for 40-80 liters of fuel.

It is recommended to use the additive at every refueling or every 1200 km.