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Octane Booster

Octane Booster

Item code: OB-160
Volume: 158 ml
Packaging: 24 pcs.
Category: Fuel systems
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Mode of application

The Octane Booster additive improves the quality of the fuel filled into the car, and, thereby, increases the engine power. The product consists of petroleum products that are harmless to the car engine and extend its service life.


  • improves equipment performance;
  • extends the service life of parts;
  • ensures comfortable operation of the vehicle;
  • does not harm the engine.


By improving fuel quality, Aim-One Octane Additive eliminates many problems such as combustion chamber deposits, detonation, knocking, excessive fuel consumption, reduced engine power and throttle response.

It is recommended to use the octane corrector before each refueling, especially if low octane fuel is being filled in or you are not sure about the quality of gasoline. In order to increase the octane number, it is enough to add the agent to the gas tank before refueling.

Octane Booster comes in handy 160ml small bottles. One bottle is designed for 40-80 liters of refueling fuel. The Aim-One product can be used by professionals and car enthusiasts

  1. Shake the octane-corrector before use
  2. Pour into the fuel tank before refueling according to:
  • One bottle of Octane Booster (160 ml) for 40-80 liters of gasoline.