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Car Air Conditioner Smoke Grenade

Car Air Conditioner Smoke Grenade

Item code: CA-200
Volume: 200 ml
Packaging: 24 pcs.
Category: Vehicle interior
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Mode of application


The Car Air Conditioner smoke grenade is an effective tool for cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner and the car interior. It destroys harmful bacteria, absorbs unpleasant odors. The cleaner can be used in everyday life: in air-conditioned rooms, in dressing rooms and bathrooms, in shoe cabinets


  • contains silver ions;
  • easy-to-use device;
  • safe for humans.


Car Air Conditioner cleaner is recommended for use when there is an unpleasant smell in the cabin caused by the growth of microorganisms. Most bacteria accumulate inside the car air conditioner - the cleaning agent penetrates deep into it and kills a significant part of the pathogenic microflora. It also cleans all surfaces and soft materials in the cabin. The composition of the product includes nano-silver ions (Ag +), which neutralize bacteria and viruses. Phyto-extract effectively freshens the air. Regular use of the cleaner prevents the re-emergence of microorganisms.


The smoke grenade works without human intervention. To disinfect the air conditioner and the interior of the car, just press the button on the device and leave the car closed. All cleaner components are harmless: the car can be used immediately after ventilation

  1. Start the car engine;
  2. Turn on the air conditioner and put it on internal circulation;
  3. Close windows and doors;
    • In cars, a smoke bomb is placed on the floor of the car;
    • If it is necessary to disinfect the interior and air conditioning - in front of the cabin;
    • If it is necessary to disinfect the passenger compartment to a greater extent - on the floor in the rear part of the passenger compartment;
  4. Press the spray button and put the bottle in the car;
  5. Let the agent act for 5-10 minutes (for several minutes the agent is sprayed from the cylinder, the rest of the time the agent circulates inside the cabin);
  6. Then open the car and ventilate it;
  7. Then turn on the heater to dry the surface of the evaporator